Post 114: Chairo

People that are pro- left politics, but the  ones that are very extreme and stingy about it. You call Chairo to the ones  that are against globalization, against capitalism, think the united states is the most evil country in the world and insult you if you not agree with them.

They’ll always tell you about how evil political parties like Pri and Pan are, but usually are Pro Morena (left  political partie).

Their biggest hero is AMLO, leader of Morena, and a Mexican politician that has contended for being president and lost for very few votes twice already, and if you ask them about this, they’ll probably tell you hundred of conspiracy theories about the election being manipulated by the other parties and the Mexican media (wich may indeed be true, but its such a pain to talk about this stuff).


No discutas con ella de politica, es una chaira / Don’t talk politics with her. She is a chaira

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I hope you have learned something new, about the spanish that real Mexicans talk on their everyday life.

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