Day 9: Puto/Puta

Puto is a pretty popular word. If you like soccer, and have seen the México team playing, you can hear the cheering fans shouting “puuuuuuto” to the rival team. What puto really means its “fagget”, but its almost never used with homophobic purposes, while I can’t say the exact same about the femenine of it, wich its almost always used to be disrespectful about women, because puta literally means whore.

Anyway, we call puto to our best friend because we love him.  We call puto to the one who is trying to steal something we own, because we are angry with him. We yell “puto” to someone who makes us mad. We make fun of someone who is scared of something, by calling him puto. We even laugh at ourselves and say we were very “putos” because we didn’t had the corage to do something. Theres a famous song by Mexican band Molotov, called puto.  A lucky person is a puto, as its a puto who beats us on a game.

Puto it’s a daily used word, and it means whatever the Mexican wants it to mean. Here everybody is a puto from time to time, and theres no escape to it, its part of the culture, even while you don’t notice, in México, someone calls you puto in his mind at least a few times a day, and I wrote this for you to understand, that there is nothing wrong with it because 90% of the times, it’s not used with homophobic or antagonic purposses.


La puta vida
This damn life

Que pedo, puto?
Whats up dude (to a very close friend)

No se subio a la montaña rusa, por puto.
He didnt got in the rollercoaster, because he was afraid.
I hope you have learned something new, about the spanish that real Mexicans talk on their everyday life.

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