Day 38: Sordear

Sordear comes from sordo, and sordo means deaf. You say someone “se esta sordeando” when he makes like he isn’t hearing something embarrassing, bad, or when he just don’t want to do something or put attention to something in particular, even if he is totally aware of it.

-Se esta sordeando, sabe que su exnovia esta en la fiesta con otro hombre-/ He is making like he doesnt care, he knows his exgirlfriend is here with another man.

La salude en el supermercado, pero se sordeo, he hizo como si no me vio/ I said hi to her on the supermarket, but she ignored me, and pretended she didnt see me.

I hope you have learned something new, about the spanish that real Mexicans talk on their everyday life.

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