Day 33: Orale

Orale comes form the word ahora, wich means “now”, but its ine of those words that has many different meanings depending on the context it is being used. All the words from the last post come from Orale.

1.-Orale can be used to express agreement and affirmation.
Te vere mañana a las 5:00 AM – Orale Carnal / I’ll see you tomorrow at 5:00 AM. – Sure bro

2.-Orale can be used to tell someone to hurry up.
Orale, tengo prisa/ Come on! Im short on time

3.-Orale can be use to express surprise.
Orale! Que comida tan sabrosa/ Wow! What a delicious meal!

4.-Orale can also be used as “orale pues” to both be affirmative, or to be sarcastic. Youll note because of context, and the voice tone in wixh its used.
Hacen muy bonita pareja – Orale pues. / They are susch a cute couple – Yeah, right

5.-Orale can also be used to express you are not happy whith something someone is doing, and when used this way, it means you want them to stop.
Orale wey. Te di 100 pesos y no me diste la feria. /whoa dude. I just gave you 100 pesos, and you didnt gave me my change back.

I hope you have learned something new, about the spanish that real Mexicans talk on their everyday life.

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