Day 32: Special post -ules, oles, eles, and ales-

Well. I updated wordpress and broke my blog, and because im not that experienced with webpages, I couldn’t get it to work for a few days, until a friend helped me out to uninstall everything.

So, in the meantime, I prepared two special longer posts. This one contains a few words of slang, that have a similar structure, but variety on meanings.

Hijole: Its like saying jeez, or yikes in English. It can also mean “damn, depending on the context. It expreses feelings of surprise, frustration and/or shock, depending on when its used.

Hijole! no esperaba verte aqui./ wow. i wasnt expecting seeing you here.

Hijole!, ya es muy tarde y no termino mi trabajo. /damn. its late and i havent finished my work.

Andale: Speedy Gonzales cathphrase.  It usually means hurry up, but can also mean you agree with something someone is doing, or saying.

Andale, ya cambiate para irnos./Hurry up! Change clothes so we can go
Adale, asi si me gusta la foto./ Now this way i like the picture more.

Ejele: This is what you say when you catch someone doing something he shouldn’t be doing, but in a playful way.

Ejele! Ya te vi besandote con la hija del jefe/ Ejele! I saw you kissing the boss daughter.

Epale: You said this when someone is doing something you don’t want to. It means stop, but it doesn’t translate to stop. When you use epale, you must state right after why you are not comfortable with what the other person is doing.

Epale. Esos tacos son mios./ Stop. Those tacos are mine

Quihubole: It means hi, or whats up?

Quihubole carnal, ¿como has estado?/ Whats up bro, how are you doing?

Ujule: it express disappointment on something or someone.

Ujule, ni estubo tan buena la peli./ boomer. the movie wasnt even that good

Huchale: it means you are very disappointed. Like a heavier version of ujule

Huchale. Perdieron el partido despues de ir ganado. / damn. They lost the match after having the advantage.

I hope you have learned something new, about the spanish that real Mexicans talk on their everyday life.

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