Day 15: Albur

An albur is a pun or a double entendre that  usually (but not always) carries sexual undertones. it’s usually a clever joke used to disarm you, and give you a spoken punch in the face, while still remaining playful and friendly, that is mostly used between close male friends. However, its use is considered rude or distasteful when not amongst friends, especially when in the presence of women.
Example of an “albur”

(someone is giving you a beer to hold for him) Agarramela/Take it (Then he grabs his crotch) This one? /¿esta?

You can also use albur as a verb, “alburear”, to say you are making a dirty joke at the expense of someone else.

¿como te llamas?/¿Whats your name?
Benito Camelo (Wich means “Come and touch mine” because “ Ven y tocamelo” sounds the same)
No se llama asi, te esta albureando/ Thats not his name, he is joking with you.

I will probably make a list of “albures” with their explanations after I finish the most used slang words list, so keep on checking this blog if you want to know more about this topic.

I hope you have learned something new, about the spanish that real Mexicans talk on their everyday life.

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