Day 10: Chale

Chale it’s a very simple word, and its used to express disappointment, or disagreement about something someone just tell you. It also can be used as a slang form to say you are sorry something happened to someone.

¿quieres ver la nueva pelicula de superman? Chale, si a mi ni me gustan las películas de superhéroes
Wanna see the new Superman movie? No, i dont even like superhero movies.

Vamos por una cerveza? No puedo, estoy de viaje. Chale. Pues avísame cuando regreses para ir por una

Wanna go for a beer? I can´t, Im not on the city.I see –dissapoinment-. Tell me when you come back, so we can go out for one.

Atropellaron a mi perro. Chale we. Lo siento
My dog got run over by a car. Damn dude. I’m sorry

I hope you have learned something new, about the spanish that real Mexicans talk on their everyday life.

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